Helping The Future...

About us

This is the Association of Navodaya students by Navodaya students and for the welfare of the Navodaya students which is known as “Navodaya Alumni’s Welfare Association” alias NAWA. This association is started in 2008 & got registered in 2011. By default, all the navodaya students are permanent member of this family.

NAWA is fully devoted for the welfare and greater good of all the navodaya students and families. It is a dynamic and focused association, driven by social values & directed towards supporting the social, educational, financial and personal needs to all students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Wardha.

Our Mission

To realize the full potential of a human being and providing a small push by providing possible support and assistance to all students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Wardha considering NAWA as always been the second home of Navodians.

Our Vision

· To create, foster and maintain union, friendship and fellowship among the Alumni of the Navodaya.

· To provide inspiration and guidance to the students of the Vidyalaya, through the experiences and achievements of the Alumni.

· To enlist the interest and support of the Alumni in the improvement, development and welfare of Navodaya family.

· To inform about the scholarships and awards, and to promote any other objects of general interest and usefulness.

· To help the students of the Navodaya in case of any financial or other issues.